Monday, January 25, 2016

Robots, Immigration... Pensions, Patents and Vacation

Growth, Slavery and the Curse of Fossil Fuels
 Evil Effect of Robot, Rent and Taxation
 Is There a Lump in Your Trump?
 Circular Reference Warning: The Productivity Quotient
 Dean Baker: "Don't Blame the Robots"
 Trigger Warning! The Wage Prisoner's Dilemma
 Robots, again? sciod
 Supply Creates Its Own Demon: Marc Andreessen and "Textbook Luddism"
 Basic Econometrics: Robots Demand Shorter Hours!
  "Growth Fellow"?
 "Technological Unemployment" Redux
 Skidelsky on Keynes and Queens


Will Surge of Older Workers Take Jobs From Young? 
Basic Econometrics: Robots Demand Shorter Hours! 
Sandwichman's KEYNESIAN Stimulus Plansandwichman plan 
Twenty-Five Years of Eight-Hour Propaganda