Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Cover-up is Alway Worse Than the Crime

The crime:
Nobel laureate [Stiglitz] tells TIME that the institutions and countries that have enforced cost-cutting on Greece "have criminal responsibility"
The cover-up:
"Greece is in a difficult situation, but purely because of the behaviour of the Greek government ... Seeking the blame outside Greece might be helpful in Greece, but it has nothing to do with reality," said Schäuble. "The Greek government is not doing its people any favours at all if it keeps making completely false statements. Nobody else is to blame for their situation. It’s all very sad. We’re in a much harder situation than before. It was always difficult. But it has just kept getting more and more difficult since January." 
Follow the money and it is clear that Schäuble is lying. He knows he's lying and he knows we know he's lying. The bluster is meant to paralyze criticism with its audacity.